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Woodturning Bowl Disaster – Green Maple to Finished Bowl in One Turning

Last week we had a late spring snow storm here. The very wet snow brought a maple limb down on a friend’s home. He cut the limb down from the tree and his house and gave me one of the larger limbs for woodturning. Now I owe him a bowl to give to his wife. […]


Woodturning Apricot Bowl – Rough Turn Green and Microwave Dry Before Finishing

With this bowl, I’m starting with Apricot harvested recently.  It is still very green or wet. I will microwave this bowl to see if the microwave will speed up the process and provide some “instant gratification”. Alas, no luck with this wood turning project. Microwave drying even at 20% power produced disappointing checks and cracks […]


Woodturning Walnut Bowl – Turn Green, Dry Rough then Finish Woodturn Walnul Bowl

Some time ago, I obtained some walnut from a builder who had cleared some land for homes. I promptly sawed the wood into manageable chunks and sawed each piece into halves through the pith. I coated each cut surface with a wax emulsion. I turned much of the wood soon thereafter, recoated each piece with […]