Natural Edge Maple Bowl From Green Wood

For this lathe woodturning project, I rough turned a piece of maple about three weeks ago. The maple was green which is very easy to turn. I wanted a natural edge bowl.

At the time, I considered finishing it in just the one mounting. However, wet wood clogs sandpaper very quickly. So, I thought I’d let it dry a couple of days to allow the surface moisture to evaporate. In the end, I waited 19 days. Meanwhile, the wood bowl lost 30% of its weight while drying. It felt very dry & I felt good about finish turning it. At least, my sandpaper would not clog as fast.

It has dried unevenly about 1/4 inch difference in diameter with the grain compared to across the grain.

The only challenge in finish turning was whether there was enough wood to true it up again. So, I was very careful to remove as little wood as possible. If it warps any more, that will be okay; it will not be much if at all. A little of the bark chipped off but it still looks great.

Not perfect but very nice. It’s a keeper.


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