Time to Finish My Cracked Green Turned Bowl – Part 3

Now it’s time to finish this bowl — years in the making because I was distracted by work and family.

But it’s also scary to finish turn a large bowl like this one. A large blank like this one is rare, very hard to come by. I rough turned it years ago and waited for it to dry.  It should have been a wait of about a year to a year and a half (the walls were quite thick).

The bowl shrunk as it dried, distorting the bowl by 1/2 inch. I filled the crack with casting resin. I don’t recommend duct tape to seal the inside of the bowl before pouring the resin. The resin dissolved the tape’s sticky letting the resin leak out.

Fortunately, the original tenon was intact and suitable to remount the bowl. Ash is hard and with the distortion, turning this woodturning project was tough. This project stretch all my tools to the limit.

This was fun. It is beautiful. Watch the video and add your comment.


4 Responses to “Time to Finish My Cracked Green Turned Bowl – Part 3”

  1. Becky says:

    You are amazingly talented! Brings back memories of making wood pictures at your home many years ago

  2. Subhash says:

    Soul of the bowl, how appropriate. A brilliant job well done. I am a very new turner, I have had a couple of bowls cracked, but I just put them aside. Now I know what to do with them.