Rescue From A Woodturning Bowl Disaster – My Poor Maple Bowl

This woodturning project picks up from a green turning disaster a couple of months ago.

At that time, I turned a green piece of maple. I wanted the finish turning without waiting for the wood to dry.

However, in the final moments, my gouge caught the bottom of the bowl and it exploded.

Maybe I should have thrown the broken bowl away. Instead I decided to try to make something of it after all.

So, I turned another small bowl from a piece of Walnut limb wood. This walnut was very dry, having been salvaged many, many years ago. It has had ample time to dry.

I mixed up some casting resin with a little silver metallic sparkle and poured it into the walnut bowl. Then I placed the pieces of the broken maple bowl in the walnut bowl and embedded in the casting resin. I used small skewers to space the pieces of the broken maple bowl.

The end product is not a classic in my estimation. But it does have a story to tell and an acknowledgement that not all woodturning projects turn out perfectly.

2 Responses to “Rescue From A Woodturning Bowl Disaster – My Poor Maple Bowl”

  1. Russ says:

    truthfully, to the fire wood pile. I liked the walnut bowl better. I too have “saved” by gluing all the parts back together and inlaying turquoise in the lines. It’s always worth a shot.
    I enjoy your videos