Sea Urchin Ornament 2 on Juniper

This woodturning project is the second in a response to a challenge by Cascade Woodturners to make “something” from a juniper block. I had made one already but decided to make a second sputnik sea urchin ornament. It has a sea urchin shell with juniper finials above and below the shell. The lower juniper finial is also a pedestal for the ornament. It could be a Christmas ornament or a decorative ornament.

To prepare for the first sea urchin, I reviewed two videos by Cindy Drozda who makes beautiful turned wood finials. I also practiced on two small ones before the real thing. In the end, the finials turned out well.

At the end of the video, I compare these two ornaments to decide what direction to take for the next set.

This one is a keeper. I’ll show off both these wood turned ornament at Cascade Woodturners shortly.


One Response to “Sea Urchin Ornament 2 on Juniper”

  1. Leslie says:

    I like both of them. I have to agree with you on the base. I do like the base of the second one better, but I think I like the top of the first one better. I would like to see you make a hanging one though. I know of a Christmas tree that could use one. 😉