Wood Egg Box in Walnut

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My twin granddaughters wanted me to make them each a wooden egg. My thoughts went directly to a hollow egg, or wooden container. With dry urban harvested walnut, I started to turn the two eggs.
Walnut Egg
The first egg was nearly a disaster. I had turned the tenon too small for my dovetail jaws. No problem, I have a set of smaller jaws. But these are not dovetail. So, Had to turn the tenon down a bit more. Then while turning, these jaws only contact the wood at 4 very narrow points. The dovetail jaws would have grabbed at 8 points. The consequence was that the blank popped out of the jaws several time when I was more aggressive.

I had fitted the top and bottom before one of these popouts. When remounted, the rotation was very slightly different when made the fit between top and bottom very loose. So, turn the joint down and start fitting again. Oh well. The first egg turned out more ball shaped than egg shaped.

So I moved to the second egg and had much better luck. The second egg is featured in this video.

2 Responses to “Wood Egg Box in Walnut”

  1. John Holcombe says:

    Hello, will try to be brief. Looking for 3 wooden eggs for Military retirement gifts. The Navy and Coast utilized the MK92 FCS. It’s radar is Nick named the egg. We would like to present there retirement award (medal) in the egg. We intend to hinge the upper so that can display the medal, later. We will make a stand to replicate the radar egg base stand. Is this something you would want to do? I can draw a concept picture along with the medals size. Price each? Not sure if you have Holly (very white wood)? Obviously looking for a natural finish light colored wood, maple maybe.
    Thanks in advance,
    Gunner Holcombe

    • Alan says:

      Interesting project. I would appreciate your concept picture and medal size.
      If your timing is tight, however, I cannot commit for the next 3 months.
      But I would like to explore the concept further.
      Thank you
      Alan Stratton