A Field of Mushrooms (Part 4 & Final)

I’m woodturning a natural edge mushroom in apricot. In this video, I’m extending my series exploring what difference the turning axis could make on a mushroom turning. While turning the other three mushrooms, another axis experiment occurred to me. so here we go with another experiment.

With this final apricot branch, I’m simply shifting the turning axis an inch or so from center but still parallel with the center.

As usual, the challenge is in the mushroom’s cap. With the natural, irregular edge, it’s hard to find the edge or to ride a gouge’s bevel.

The finish is mineral oil and beeswax in a 75%/25% ratio. This is Eli Avisera’s recipe. I love the honey smell from the beeswax. I used the oil/wax also as a sanding compound to both lubricate the sand paper and capture the dust.

This mushroom completes this experiment. I’m done! It’s time for holidays woodturning!


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  1. Carl says:

    Very interesting and informative,allways looking forward to your videos, keep up the good work.