A Christmas Bell Ornament Inside Out

This woodturning is a Christmas bell turned inside out. It proved to be a challenge to both visualize and to execute. It’s made of apricot finished with shellac.

An inside out turning is assembled from strips of wood. These are temporarily glued together and turned to form the inner shape and finished. Then the strips are separated, rotated, and glued back together making an inner void. Then the outer shape is turned.

This bell is part of the Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge 2012. Please view the playlist at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4W9FE566kZhU-Mo7smbQgsUb-wpUJGom.

2 Responses to “A Christmas Bell Ornament Inside Out”

  1. Ron Lambier says:

    Finally a demonstration done in a timely manner that is straight and to the point.
    Thanks and keep up the idea’s!!!!!