A Segmented Wood Bracelet

Last summer, I turned some wood bracelets for my granddaughters. Afterwards, a viewer send in a question about how to turn the outside of the bracelet without flipping the workpiece over. With that in mind, I designed an expansion chuck on which to turn bracelets. With the chuck, I can now turn bracelets more easily.

This bracelet is made from tiny wood segments. Three closed segment rings have 12 segments each. Two open segment rings have 24 segments each for a total of 84 segments. Since the wood is left over from a previous project, I’m not sure what the redish wood is (Not Padauk). The light colored wood is maple.

4 Responses to “A Segmented Wood Bracelet”

  1. Serjo says:

    Hi Alan,
    Really nice work.

    Very technical, I’am a little bit jealous :)
    You have a lot of equipment, wich is very usefull for this job. I tell my wife or better, I show here the very nice bracelet, …
    Also the ‘selfmade expansionring’ for the manufacturing of the outside is very interesting.
    Congratulations !

    Jos Servaes from Belgium

    • Alan says:

      A great strategy for bringing your wife along is to make for her and her friends a series of nice items. :)
      It also helps if she is patient while you learn — mine was and is.
      Thanks for watching.

  2. Vince says:

    Well dine on your bracelet, I really like the jig too.
    When do you think the “how to video” about the jig will come out?