Woodturning Weird Rolling Doodad Toys

Weird Rolling Toy
At the Desert Woodturning Rounding in Mesa Arizona, I saw a weird toy in the instant gallery. I studied it but couldn’t figure out how it was turned. Fortunately, the woodturner was nearby and explained both the simplicity and the critical portions of the toy.

Weird Rolling Toy Chartreuse and BlackI had to make one. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the toy is called – nor do I remember the woodturner’s name.Somebody, please enlighten me.

These are made from a common cedar 4×4, sealed with sanding sealer and painted with acrylic paints.

4 Responses to “Woodturning Weird Rolling Doodad Toys”

  1. bernard caine says:

    what does this toy do you didnt show us pse do thanks for demo

    • Alan says:

      This Doodad does several things:
      1. Look weird – it confuses your eyes as you follow the curves
      2. Roll weird
      3. Make other woodturners wonder how you did it.
      Alan Stratton

  2. JEB Boggis says:

    Capt. Eddie Castelin made something similar on his youtube channel and called it a femisphere. Check it out.

    • Alan says:

      I’ve also since found a whole book on similar shapes. “Woodturning Full Circle” by David Springett. In his book, he calls them streptohedrons. So, I guess there a a lot of possible names.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Alan Stratton