Easy DIY Tenon Cutters

Tenon Cutters from End WrenchsI cut tenons regularly to join different pieces of a project together. They’re a common element but I really hate it when I cut one too small. The flip side is stopping the lathe so often to creap up on the perfect size. Many times I’ve used a open end wrench to help size.

But a viewer suggested I grind an edge on one side of the wrench. Then I’d have a tenon cutter and a tenon sizer in one tool.

So here we have a set from 1/4 inch up to 3/4 inch made from a cheap set of end wrenches. Grinding was not as simple as I had thought but not so complex in the end. All it took was a little time at the grinder.

One Response to “Easy DIY Tenon Cutters”

  1. Hi Alan.
    I enjoyed watching your video on making the wrench tenon cutters.
    Pretty sure you said that you use them with the long end up and the short cutting edge down? If this is true, how can the cutting edge bite into the wood that is spinning away from the edge?
    Just thought I would ask. I am subscribed and enjoy your presentation style and double camera shots….
    Thanks, please let me know if I an wrong about the cutter presentation.
    Hanover, Ontario