Travel Beverage Mug

Oak Travel Mug

A couple of viewers suggested a video turning a travel mug. I have some leftover oak stair tread cutoffs from a friend and a 16 ounce travel mug insert from Rockler. This will be a segmented cup using stave construction.

First, I cut the oak into staves using a sled designed for stave segment cutting. With the sled I can safely and accurately cut the angles required on these staves which is 22.5 degrees. Eight staves are needed.

Then I glued the staves into half cylinders, sanded the faces to true them up, and glued the two halves together. I’m experimenting with Titebond Original Extend glue. This is supposed to have a more rigid glue line and be better for segmented construction.

I used cone shaped threaded faceplates for the initial cylinder roughing. As soon as possible I turned a tenon so it could be mounted in a 4 jaw chuck.

Next, I bored the center with a 2 inch forstner bit then the remainder of the hollowing with a round carbide cutter. This was the tough part — it was hard work. My home made steady rests provided more stability and security.

Next, I shaped the exterior including a rabbet for the lip of the cup.

This left me with the center of the base. This I bored out with a forstner bit then turned a plug to fit. After finishing the plug, I glued the insert into the oak shell.

This travel mug is finished with wipe on poly.

2 Responses to “Travel Beverage Mug”

  1. John Walsh says:


    Nice video and excellent detail on how to make the staves. That was a real “step” up from some videos I’ve seen by others .

    I’ve noted that in your intros lately you are wearing your turning jacket but not wearing it when you are turning. I realize you shoot the intro after the turning, but why wear the jacket only for the intro? Is it an Intro Jacket or a Turning Jacket? ; >) (Wink-wink; Nudge-nudge).

    • Alan says:

      It’s summertime now with higher temperatures especially with a smock. I prefer the smock since I don’t get shavings down my neck but it’s just too hot right now.
      So during the summer it’s an intro jacket. :)
      Alan Stratton