Sharpening On The Road – Portability Revisited

Grinding Wheel Mounted to LatheThis is a followup to my previous video concerning sharpening tools while away from home base. With that video, I was not happy with that solution due to significant runout of my home built mandrel. I ask for suggestions and received a lot.

This video covers the two main categories of suggestions and my current “Plan C” solution. Actually, “Plan C” is two different alternatives so I can pick and choose whichever will work best for the tool at hand.

Plus, several suggestions centered on honing my tools. So as a bonus, I made a faceplate for honing also.


One Response to “Sharpening On The Road – Portability Revisited”

  1. bob morrison says:

    i always try not to drrrrrive and turn at the same time.. this vid. was very imformative. thanks allan. looking forward to the alyways thanks. bob