Woodturning A Segmented Christmas Bell Ornament

Christmas Bell from CherryHere’s my next entry to the annual Christmas Ornament Challenge that Carl Jacobson and I are sponsoring.

This is a segmented Christmas Bell to sound off at the birth of the baby Jesus. Its body is made of apricot with 5 rings of 8 segments each for 40 total segments. In addition, it has a handle and a knocker made from laburnum or golden Chain. It is finished with walnut oil.

Simple Challenge Rules:

  1. Make an Christmas ornament.
    Project of your choice in the spirit of Christmas
  2. Make a video of you making the ornament.
    A good learning experience
  3. Upload the video to YouTube
    A piece of cake.
  4. Let me know the link to add your video to the playlist.
    Another piece of cake.
  5. Enjoy your ornament consistent with the season.
    After all that cake, why not.

Here’s a link to the complete playlist for this year.

And last year’s playlist.

3 Responses to “Woodturning A Segmented Christmas Bell Ornament”

  1. Barry says:

    My wife took down the big elm in our front yard while I was out of the country — she said she was following your advice….
    Do you want any of the rounds? If yes, tell me how to protect them….

  2. Dave Peters says:


    I really enjoy your videos.

    I also have been using mineral oil and beeswax for
    sanding ( no dust ) but have also used it as a final finish.

    Have you found that other finishes will work after
    using the oil and beeswax ?

    Thanks for all the tips and techniques,

    • Alan says:

      Some finishes do not play well with mineral oil and beeswax. I would avoid any polyurethane finish. Most oil finishes should be fine. Essentially, if the thinner in your proposed finish will dissolve or dilute mineral oil and wax, you should be good to go. When in doubt, try it on scrap first.
      I asked Eli Avisera who I got the recipe from this same question. I believe this was his response.
      Thanks for the question.
      Alan Stratton