Making A Pinewood Derby Car – Turned On A Lathe?

Pinewood Derby Car RedWhen my son came over with his children to make their pinewood derby cars, he also challenged me to turn one on the lathe. I did not have a clue how to turn one — until the light dawned.

So, I did not one but two. How do you turn a car on a lathe, you ask?

Pinewood Derby Car GreenIt “turns” out that if you turn two pinewood derby cars at once, you can.

  1. Prepare two blanks at least regulation size
  2. Glue them together bottom of car to bottom of car with craft paper between the blanks.
  3. Turn your cars but leave the wheel area square to support the axles and maintain the wheel spacing. Be careful because your dual car blank is not a round turning — it has flat portions. So, you’d be cutting a lot of air at the same time.

4 Responses to “Making A Pinewood Derby Car – Turned On A Lathe?”

  1. Richard Katzman says:

    Great Pinewood Derby car(s). I always learn something new from your videos. To think how much time I spent helping my sons with their pinewood derby cars over the years and the tools we used to accomplish the tasks. The lathe wood have made it so
    much easier and faster. My grandsons would get a kick out this video.

    Best regards,

    • Alan says:

      Thank you for your kind comments.
      Be sure to pass on this video to your grandsons & friends.
      Thanks for watching
      Alan Stratton

  2. serjo says:

    Hi Allan,

    Nice work, only one remark,did you use plastic wheels ?
    Oh no, turn them ! 😉