Hollow Vessel – Segmented For Safety

Oak Hollow VesselHollow vessels (Hollow Forms) are fascinating. How do you go about removing all that wood through that tiny hole in the top. Once you understand how, then you also begin to understand the risks involved especially for larger projects. They then require specialized tools such as bent scrapers. Even then a high skill level is required to avoid serious catches that could destroy the project. A catch could also do physical damage to the woodturner’s elbow or shoulder.

I also like segmented vessels, they have a different look and appeal. So why not combine segmented and hollow vessels. Using segmentation, the vessel can be constructed as two bowls then glued together before a little more touch up.

Sounds like a marriage made in heaven.

This vessel has 5 rings with 8 segments each for 40 segments plus a small plug in the bottom — total 41 segments. It is joined between the 3rd and 4th rings. It is finished with walnut oil.


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