Disaster Strikes Woodturning A Segmented Bowl

Segmented Oak BowlI had grand plans for this project: a shallow bowl on a pedestal — the pedestal having a hidden chamber.

But things did not go my way. One thing after another and this project turned into a salvage operation.

In the end I have a 56 segment oak bowl that looks great — until you see the off center rings.

Oh well.

4 Responses to “Disaster Strikes Woodturning A Segmented Bowl”

  1. Richard Katzman says:

    Alan, thank you for sharing your experience with this project. It’s a very important lesson why you should not stand in the direct path of the turning piece. It was fortunate that you were standing off and to the side of it. I always say that if you can walk away unscathed and a learn from the mistake, it was well worth the negative experience. This goes to show that bad things do happen to the most experienced turner. It is a good reminder to ways be safe and think a head. Being a Boy Scout taught you to be prepared. Good job!

  2. Lou Jacobs says:

    Alan, I’ve got no question that you should have posted this video. There’s as much, if not more to learn from the less-than-ideal projects than from the perfect ones. Even with the challenges, you turned out a beautiful bowl. So glad it did not go on the scrap heap or in the fire.
    Thanks for a continually informative and entertaining series.

  3. Bruce says:

    Glad to see someone else has a few problems and works through them.