Woodturning A Multi-Tip 4-In-1 Screwdriver

Multi-Tip Screwdriver in PadaukI’ve been on location for remodeling a house in Mesa Arizona. One of the tools I found very useful was an ordinary 4 in 1 screwdriver.

In this project, I dress up that screwdriver. It is a very quick, simple project using only a cheap screwdriver from Home Depot. The handle is Padauk finished with beeswax and mineral oil.

3 Responses to “Woodturning A Multi-Tip 4-In-1 Screwdriver”

  1. […] little bit ago, I made a simple handle for a 4-in-1 (actually 6-in-1 but I never use the hex driver). At the time, I noted that eccentric techniques […]

  2. Sam Bullard says:

    Mr. Stratton
    Alan I have recently found As Wood Turns site and for a beginning wood enthusiast at age 65 your videos are very informative and useful. Especially the jigs. Alan with your permission I would like to copy some of the jigs while giving you and As the wood turns shouts outs. I belong to the North West Woodturners in Mount Vernon WA, and almost have my shop set up, while doing so I have been watching lots of videos and While adapting shop ideas into my along with ideas from fellow wood workers….. Thanks once for your contribution and just maybe one day I’ll see you at the Utah wood symposium.
    So keep moving forward with As the Wood Turns.
    Very Respectfully
    Sam Bullard at Bullpen1023@comcast.net

    • Alan says:

      Every jig that I show are fair game for you to make — and actually to improve upon.
      All that I ask is that you recognize and personally accept the risks :( and rewards :) of making your own tools.