A Segmented Solar Spring Flower

Dancing Spring FlowerIt has been a tough winter for many people; and spring is having a tough time getting underway.

Let’s help it along with a solar powered dancing flower. The flower mechanism is purchased at a local dollar store. The project is to turn a nice wood cup to hide the awful plastic.

I grabbed a hunk of segmented wood from another project and went to work. The wood could have been anything and almost any orientation.

Mine is 24 segments of oak finished with beeswax and mineral oil.

2 Responses to “A Segmented Solar Spring Flower”

  1. Jon Murphy says:

    Nice little project, but I was more interested in the background music. I know it well, but can’t quite place it (I am a guitarist). My best guess is that it is one of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos – and I know Segovia played many of them as I had an LP of them many years ago. Mozart had a love of guitar – he said “the guitar is an orchestra unto it’s self” – but it doesn’t sound like his music. I’ll go with a guitar arrangement by Segovia of a Bach piece.

    • Alan says:

      It is Bach – Not sure of the arrangement as it came thru Adobe premier elements with a couple of variations.