Multi-Axis Turning Screwdriver With Ferrule

Multi-Axis ScrewdriverA little bit ago, I made a simple handle for a 4-in-1 (actually 6-in-1 but I never use the hex driver). At the time, I noted that eccentric techniques could prevent the screwdriver from rolling easily.

Here’s the upgrade.

I shifted the turning axis 0.25 inch in opposite directions to turn two opposing flatter curves.

In addition, I added a ferrule made from a copper plumbing fitting.

Per request, I’m also showing how I removed the handle from the store bought screwdriver. Although I doubt that this process is anything to emulate.

The wood is a lamination I made several years ago for another project containing walnut, locust, maple, and other woods.

The screwdriver handle is finished with my mix of mineral oil and beeswax.

Your choice – either is a great project – this one or the previous video.


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