Finish Woodturning Rough Turned – Alcohol Soaked Bowl

Walnut Bowl Alcohol SoakedThis is a followup on the rough turned green bowl of a few weeks ago. The bowl is now dry after having been soaked in alcohol. This is about six weeks instead of the year typical (for me) of air drying an typical bowl.

In this video I remount the now dry bowl to reform the tenon and the exterior. Then flip the bowl over into a chuck to turn the inside down to about 3/8″ wall thickness. Finally, I flipped the bowl back around again into a set of home made cole jaws to turn the foot.

After this experiment, for green turned bowls, I’ll:

  1. Rough turn the bowl.
  2. Soak overnight in denatured alcohol. (minimum 4 hours)
  3. Remove and let the alcohol dry from the surface.
  4. Weigh and record the weight.
  5. Wrap the rim with brown craft paper.
  6. Put latex tube loop around bowl’s rim.(optionally) Still skeptical whether this helps.
  7. Weight periodically until weight stabilizes.
  8. Remount and return the bowl as in this video.

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