Woodturning A Crazy Droopy Segmented Bowl

Droopy Segmented BowlWhile at the Utah Woodturning Symposium I picked up a book about Ray Allen showing his segmented work. It was inspiring and inspired this project.

Normally, segment rings must have perfectly parallel faces or else the bowl looks weird. In this case, I want the bowl to look weird — the rings are deliberately not parallel.

After gluing up the rings, I sawed them on the band saw in a somewhat diagonal manner. Then proceeded to glue up the rings to make a droopy bowl before turning it.

Woods in this bowl are: cherry, maple, padauk, oak, walnut. There are 112 segments plus 1 plug in the bottom. It is 8 inches in diameter and 5 inches high.

3 Responses to “Woodturning A Crazy Droopy Segmented Bowl”

  1. Randy Cosgrove says:

    Hi Alan

    As always an interesting project. And I like your comments about what you wouldn’t do again.
    Pre-making some of my mistakes for me!

    Randy Cosgrove

  2. Hi Allan – a very interesting and crazy project. I have some multi-coloured timbers that have been kicking around here for some time – including mango, acacia, wattle and Paper Bark – so here goes – one psychedelic turning coming right up.



    • Alan says:

      Sounds great – send me a picture when finished.
      I like mangos but don’t know what the wood is like.