Woodturn A Mixed Open & Closed Segmented Bowl

Segmented OakI made this segmented oak bowl for neighbors who recently moved away. The wood came from leftovers that they had stored in their crawlspace. I wanted them to have something from the house to remember their home and the neighborhood.

The bowl is oak; 7 rings: 6 closed segment rings of 12 segments each, and 1 open segment ring of 18 segments for 91 pieces including one more in the base of the bowl. The bowl is finished with walnut oil. I could not bear the thought of filling the oak pores for a smooth shiny finish. I like the feel of oak with its pores.

6 Responses to “Woodturn A Mixed Open & Closed Segmented Bowl”

  1. Randy Jones says:

    I have been watching your vids. for some time now. Some of the vids. I can push the like button, however, some of them doesn’t have the like button. I’m not sure if its my computer or something else. However, I wanted you to know that I’ve liked ever vid. of yours that I’ve watched. Please keep up the great work. I do get inspired and go out and try some of your techniques.

    • Alan says:

      If you’re watching directly from YouTube, there is a like button. If from this website, there isn’t one but I’m working on trying to set one up.
      Thank you for your note and give something you see a try.

  2. Lou Jacobs says:

    Another beautiful project! Thank you for this one Alan. I think I’m going to have to invest in both a miter saw (chop saw) and a large bowl scraper. The more of your videos I watch, the longer my wish list gets. All good though!

  3. Rotimi Morgan says:

    I like the bowl but I would have preferred a continuous curve on the outside. I appreciate your use of oil for the finish. Most of the works I have seen are gloss finished. I can understand but I thnk some wood look better finished in matt and oil especially if you are to use them for food. I turn a lot of Teak bowls for Salad and always finish them in edible oil, but that means they have to be constantly reapplied.
    Nice and very considerate of you. I hope the the memento unites you for a long time to come.

    • Alan says:

      As you noted, different finishes for different uses and different people’s tastes. I’m glad I can pick and choose.
      Thank you for your note.