Revisit Mixed Open & Closed Segment Bowl

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Mixed Open & Closed Segment BowlA few weeks ago I made this bowl for my neighbor who had moved away. But, before I could give it to him, segments in the base separated. Likely, the wood was not a dry as I had assumed.

So, to fix this problem, I made a new segment ring. I planned to leave the very center open and fill it with casting resin. I could have cut the entire old ring off but decided to inset the new ring inside the old base rim. However, creating two tenons with a shoulder between was problematic. The joint inside the bowl was too wide for my tastes. So, I opened the top portion of the joint a little more with a parting tool. Then I filled the entire bottom, both center and ring with casting resin.

Meanwhile, it seemed that my segments were taking on moisture my the glue and warping while gluing. This may have been the cause for the original failure. I took extra precautions to maintain pressure while gluing to avoid the warping. We’ll have to see if this works as planned. I’ll hold off giving my former neighbor the bowl for a few more weeks.

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