Woodturning Open Segment Hollow Form Vase

Segmented VaseI appreciate the form of classic vases and decided to turn one using open segmentation. This vase is walnut and cherry. Maple would have contrasted more but I think the tonal shades of the cherry blend nicely with the walnut. It is about 9 inches high and about 5 inches in diameter.

This vase has 17 segment rings made up of 265 segments: 7 solid rings at 12 segments; 10 open rings at 18 segments; and one center base plug. The vase is finished with sanding sealer and wipe on polyurethane.

I used an 18 segment SegEasy template to position the open segments and a Stomper Pro to assist in positioning and gluing up the rings. I used white glue for open segments so that any squeeze out would be clear. I used Titebond Original Extend to glue all other segments where squeeze out would not be a problem.

4 Responses to “Woodturning Open Segment Hollow Form Vase”

  1. Rich Colvin says:

    Very nicely done ! Also, great to see that very experienced Woodturners admit that ther too have stuff sometimes go wrong. Thank you for your candor, & for this video. Great.

    • Alan says:

      Mistakes are part of learning so hopefully, others can learn without making the same mistake. They’ll make different ones. :)
      Thanks for commenting.