Woodturning A Segmented Harvest Pumpkin

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Pumpkin Locust
It’s harvest time – pumpkins are showing up all around in preparation for Halloween and Thanksgiving. This pumpkin is a segmented turning from Honey Locust. The wood is mostly an orange color with lighter sap wood. The sap wood has worm holes and dark stains from insects. The stem is turned and carved from walnut.

The segment rings are glued up from 12 segments each. There are 12 rings for a total of 146 pieces of wood.

This pumpkin is finished with Clark’s Cutting Board Finish, a two part finish consisting of mineral oil, citrus oils, beeswax and carnauba wax.

3 Responses to “Woodturning A Segmented Harvest Pumpkin”

  1. Harold Tinling says:

    Well sir the first thing I think of when i first saw your box is it looks and is colored like an egg plant. When I was a kid many years ago mom made fried egg plant and to me it was about the worst thing a body could eat.
    Rescueing it to a cracked egg opening for the chick to exit was a good idea but it is pretty regimental in the shape of the opening.I think a more random cracked might be more appealing. Cheers Harold

    • Alan says:

      As I made the cracks, I wondered about a larger, more random hole.
      Maybe I’ll have to make another. :)
      This time on purpose.

  2. Harold Tinling says:

    The comment should have been directed to the egg box. Harold