Woodturning Christmas Ornament From Pen Blanks

Christmas Ornament

Also viewable on YouTube

For this ornament I wanted to try a variety of wood in a simple globe. Rather than scrounge for the wood, I chose nine pen blanks I purchased at a holiday sale. The pen blanks, though nice, would have blended together. To avoid this, I milled thin strips of walnut to glue between the blanks to separate and highlight the “exotic” woods.

After hollowing the globe, I turned a top and bottom finial that are joined by a small dowell thru the now hollow globe. A little wire formed into a loop and glued into the top finial completes the ornament. The pen blanks were stabilized with thin CA glue. All wood is finished with shellac friction polish.

Here’s a link to the Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge.

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