A Perfect Globe or Sphere Mirrored Christmas Ornament

Mirrored Christmas Ornament

Also viewable on YouTube

This video is a combo. First, following a conversation with a fellow club member about his difficulty turning perfect balls and spheres, I’ll demonstrate how to turn a perfect ball without having to buy and expensive jig. (and then finding the jig only does part of the job anyway.) Second, I’ll use the sphere to create a Christmas ornament with mirrors set into its perimeter.

For the Christmas ornament, I did not have to turn a perfect sphere — not one would ever check for perfection and many would prefer a more elongated shape anyway.

My ornament globe is walnut finished with shellac friction polish. The finials are turned from “topical hardwood” pen blanks. The mirrors are 1″ diameter from a local craft store. Beveled mirrors would be slightly better.

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