Woodturn A Sputnik Sea Urchin Christmas Ornament

Inside Out Ornament

Also viewable on YouTube

This ornament displays a sputnik sea urchin shell on finials of walnut and a tropic hardwood.

The sea urchin shell is prepared by coating the insides with white glue and sanding the holes perfectly round.

The finials are finished with shellac friction polish.

This ornament is part of the 2014 Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge.

2 Responses to “Woodturn A Sputnik Sea Urchin Christmas Ornament”

  1. Peter Fabricius says:

    Hi Alan,
    Very nicely done video, again, as usual!
    Interesting use of the Bedan. There are videos on UTube demonstrating the technique for the Bedan and it is a high on the wood peeling tool used with the bevel up.
    The way you were holding it you might as well have just used a 1/2″ scraper. The Bedan allows you to work high on the wood using the two corners for left and right cuts and the centre edge like a Skew.
    Hope that is helpful…
    You also need to look for a Small three jaw chuck like the one for the Dremel rotary tool. Mount a bolt with the thread matching the chuck in a handle and you have a great tool for holding the small drills to make pilot holes for ornament hangers etc. etc.
    I wish I could make a video to participate in the challenge.
    Nice video and Urchin Ornament!
    Peter F.

    • Alan says:

      So your advise is to move the bedan higher on the project. Yes, I’m using it much like a scraper in a cutting model. Still learning and getting a feel for it.
      Good idea on the chuck but not a priority as vise grips work well also.
      Thank you for the ideas.
      Alan Stratton