Woodturn Cherry Box From Wet Wood

Cherry Box

Also can be viewed on YouTube

I started this project in July 2013 when I helped a friend cut down a large cherry tree in his back yard. I turned some of the wood into cylinders starting to make small boxes. But the difference is that the wood was very fresh and wet. Knowing that it would shrink and distort as it dried, I left the walls thick but did bore out the inside. Then I wrapped them up with the bored out ends exposed and left them to dry–hopefully from the inside out.

Now with the wood dry, I remounted the pieces to re-trim the tenons, and finish turn the box.

I used gouges, a skew, and a square carbide cutter. I used a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax both as a sanding media and as a finish. The box is about five inches high and two inches in diameter. The joint has a nice vacuum friction fit.

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