Woodturn A Cherry Goblet Wood’n U Like A Toast

Cherry Goblet

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This goblet is turned from a large chunk of cherry given me recently from someone who saw my work in a GEARS exhibition, mainly a metal working show. I’ll give him the goblet in appreciation for a large cherry stump he gave me after the show.

The goblet is 5 inches tall and about 3 inches in diameter. It is finished with shellac friction polish. A goblet is a great exercise, combining skills from a finial and end grain hollowing.

2 Responses to “Woodturn A Cherry Goblet Wood’n U Like A Toast”

  1. Ed Lynn says:


    I have just completed turning a trivit. What kind of finish do I need to offset the hot utensils that will be used on it!

    Ed Lynn

    • Alan says:

      That is a tough question as heat challenges many finishes. I’m not sure I have a definitive answer.
      You may consider simple renewable finishes like mineral oil, beeswax, or even a mixture of both.
      A penetrating finish like walnut oil, danish oil or tung oil may work and could be renewed.
      A surface finish like polyurethane, lacquer, or shellac would probably be the worst choice.
      Maybe even leave natural and just scuff it with sandpaper occasionally.
      Sorry to be wishy washy