Woodturn Natural Edge Winged Tea Light From Fig

Fig Tealight


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This wood came from a fig tree in my front yard. It’s a small limb but had to go. I’ve never turned fig nor heard of anyone turning it. But why not try.

Although it’s small, it is large enough for a simple tea light. I did not want to just rip the limb in half. I wanted the top surface to be the natural bark from the fig then bend around to a flat on the bottom. This tea light base is 5 inches long and about 2.5 inches in diameter. The light is a battery operated LED tea light. I’d never put a wax candle in a wooden holder.

Since the wood is very green or wet it did not absorb much walnut oil. After it dries, I’ll apply more oil. then we’ll also see how fig turns out.

2 Responses to “Woodturn Natural Edge Winged Tea Light From Fig”

  1. DanielGrise says:

    Very nice. I’m always trying to envision use for wood products which often are ignored and hence go to rot/waste. I could see a beautiful grouping of tables enhanced with the glow of the tea lights in the winged turning. It is elegant in a simple way.
    Very nice indeed!