Woodturn Art – Spirit Of A Wave

Soul of a Wave

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This project is my chance to practice what I learned from a demo by Eric Lofstrom at the Oregon Woodturning Symposium.

The wood is cedar from my backyard tree. It is turned with four axes that created three curved facets. The primary axis is the normal center; the other three axes are at 120 degrees. I cut a large cove on one facet and large beads on the other two.

Most wood removal was with a gouge with refinement with a skew.

Multi-axis turning is rough going as there’s no bevel to ride. After the lathe work, I band sawed the top into a flowing shape; the bottom to a flat. Afterwards, I refined the shapes by sanding.

The final shape is about five to six inches tall and two to three inches in diameter. It is finished with shellac. Buffing made a world of difference to the finish. Check him out at http://www.ericlofstrom.com.

My thanks to Eric for opening to me a new dimension in woodturning.

One Response to “Woodturn Art – Spirit Of A Wave”

  1. Barry says:

    Now you are getting very creative. Beautiful work.