Woodturning A Wild, Crazy, Wavy Bowl

Cedar Wavy BowlMay also be viewed on YouTube.

After returning from the Utah Woodturning Symposium, I felt I needed to break out, break away from my habitual projects.

So, I found this chunk of cedar and went to work on it. It wasn’t the best piece of wood but I managed to turn a wavy profile.

It turns out to be an unusual double sided bowl. If you’ve seen one like it, I’ll be surprised.

Maybe it works for you, maybe not. But it works for me.

Approximately 11″ x 2″ finished with walnut oil.

2 Responses to “Woodturning A Wild, Crazy, Wavy Bowl”

  1. Dustin Davis says:


    I appreciated your video and enjoyed seeing something different. It would make a good seasonal display, holding colored eggs for Easter, holly for Christmas,Fall Leafs for Thanksgiving, etc. etc. You could even cut slits in the top to hold Christmas cards.

    Thank you,

    • Alan says:

      I love it when a project can be used many different ways – assuming it is useful rather than art. :)
      Thanks for expressing your view.