Knotted Back Muscles? Back Pain Relief With Celtic Knot

Back Pain Tool
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After the previous video with a Celtic knot in a barbecue flipper, several comments included a suggestion to leave a little wood when the angle cut is made to keep the wood spaced correctly. In addition Michael challenged me to make a three loop Celtic knot.

In this project, I’m accepting his challenge and incorporating these suggestions.

A three loop knot requires three cuts at 120 degrees separation. Instead of milling the wood into a triangle, I made two plywood triangles and glued them to the ends of the timber.

Then it was off to the races.

This same process could be used to make Celtic knots with any number of loops. Just vary the end pieces and perhaps the cut angle.

This little handle is actually a tools to massage your back. You’ll need assistance from someone else to roll it on your back or to massage specific muscles with either end for different pressure.

4 Responses to “Knotted Back Muscles? Back Pain Relief With Celtic Knot”

  1. Jake Pickens says:

    Of course I want to see more sections in the knot. I am always ready for your latest project every Saturday morning.


  2. Jerry Klug says:

    I like it. A five sided would be nice. A lotus blossom has five petals. The ply end plates is a great idea. Keep up the good work.

    • Alan says:

      Interesting how ideas come. Your mention of a 5 sided lotus blossom makes me wonder if this technique can be applied to create a blossom??????