Woodturning Celtic Knot On Pigtail Barbecue Tool Handle

Celtic Knot Flipper

May also be viewed on YouTube.

In this project, I’m making a handle for a barbecue turner. But not just any handle – this one has a Celtic knot.

For the celtic knot, I threw together a sliding cutting jig to ensure accuracy in the cuts that have to be just right.

A Celtic knot is a series of four angled cuts with a new wood slice inserted and glued in.

Meanwhile, I’m trying out a Jacobs chuck with which to hold drill bits while drilling on the lathe.


3 Responses to “Woodturning Celtic Knot On Pigtail Barbecue Tool Handle”

  1. Terry Baldridge says:


    Do you have any other videos explaining the celtic knot in more detail?
    What is the angle of the cut or does that matter?
    What about the dimensions of the woods?

    • Alan says:

      Sorry, no other Celtic knot videos.
      Actually, this was the first one I’ve turned but here’s some thoughts.
      My angle was about 30 degrees but it does not matter much. From geometry, the angle determines how much the knot appears on the turning. If it’s too close to 90 degrees, there would not be much spread on the loops and you’d maybe have cross grain issues to work with.
      As for dimensions, a lot of pen turners turn Celtic knots. The inserted slice can be as large as you want but not less than your saw kerf. If larger than the saw kerf, you have to cut from both ends which is another complication.
      Next time, I’ll follow one of the comments to leave a little wood connecting the two pieces
      Try it out.

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