Woodturning Oval Bowl Scoop With New “Scoop” Chuck

Oval Scoop in Cedar

May also be viewed on YouTube.

This scoop is another style I saw Soren Berger turn recently. The difference is the oval bowl that makes the scoop more difficult to hold while hollowing the bowl.

I wanted a better way to hold the wood than a jamb chuck or a scroll chuck. Jamb chucks require wood and custom tooling and are usually used only once. Scroll chuck leave nasty marks on the wood that must be disguised with decorative elements or sanded smooth again.

The brainstorm is a set of wood jaws that bolt on to my scroll chuck body. The chuck body provides clamping pressure. The wood jaws provide quick and easy customization options. They’re added benefit is that if my tool gets too close to the jaws, no harm is done to the project, tools, or me.

I’ll show details for the chuck in the next video.

Good turning.

2 Responses to “Woodturning Oval Bowl Scoop With New “Scoop” Chuck”

  1. Steve Newberry says:

    Hi Alan, nice work. I would experiment with the angle of the handle. I prefer the look when you angle the handle towards the toolrest in the chuck rather than away . Keep it coming! Steve

    • Alan says:

      Steve, I think you’re right. Initially, I pulled the handle out only a little bit – It should have been more. Then I may not have had to adjust it backward as I did on this one.
      Thanks for your demos.