Multi-Axis Woodturning – All My Scoops

May also be viewed on YouTube – but please stay here if possible.

Cedar ScoopTo complete my video series on wood scoops, I turned this cedar scoop about 7 inches long and 2 inches diameter, finished with beeswax and mineral oil.

The turning axes were:

  1. The original center of the wood for the scoop.
  2. A skewed axis for the handle.
  3. The original axis for the end of the handle.

One safety note: I used hot melt glue to fasten the scoop to a piece of scrap before sawing the scoop. I did not wnat the round scoop turning at the saw.

I love the finished look and feel of these three cedar scoops. I can improve each, I’m sure, but that’s for the future. The cedar feels crisp and light and sounds nice when two are gently hit together.

Good turning.

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