Woodturning An Eccentric Or Multi-Axis Bud Vase

Eccentric Bud Vase BirchMay also be viewed on YouTube.

This bud vase is spalted birch harvested about a year ago. It is an eccentric turning on four axes: Main and offset by 3/8 inch at 120 degree intervals.

A year ago, I rough turned it round and waxed it. It has been laying around my shop since then.

It is about five inches tall and two inches in diameter, finished with beeswax and mineral oil followed by buffing.

Initially, I envisioned it taller with a neck about three inches longer. But when it neared completion, it did not look right — so I turned off the neck. Much better without.

I turned two coves on two offset axes followed by a large bead on the final offset axis.

It was fun.

Good turning.

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