Risky Woodturning – Winged Bowl Tealight

Cedar Winged TealightMay also be viewed on YouTube.

After visiting the Portland Saturday Market, I was inspired to turn this winged tealight.

As I turned it, I was struck by the similarities between this winged bowl design and a natural edge turning. After all, except for dealing with the bark, the process is the same and the risks are the same.

In either case, I’m turning a lot of air with only intermittent contact with wood. This makes riding the bevel nearly impossible. The turning sequence is nearly identical to a natural edge except that this wood is already dry. In addition to the basics, I added a base turning and bored a hole for an LED light.

My winged square edge tealight is about 8 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 3 inches tall, finished with mineral oil and beeswax followed by buffing.

The LED light is battery operated and does not generate enough heat to be a safety hazard or fire risk.

Good turning.

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