Woodturning Tool Review: Beall Buffing System

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In this video, I review my experience with the Beall Buffing System to help you avoid my purchasing mistake.

I like the results but feel my initial configuration was a mistake.

Here’s what I would recommend:

  • Hold Fast Long Buffing Adapter – ~$31.50
  • Beall 4″ Bowl Buff 3 Piece Set – ~$36.50
  • Beall 8″ Buffing Wheel Tripoli – ~$16.75
  • Beall 8″ Buffing Wheel White Diamond – ~$16.75
  • Beall 8″ Buffing Wheel Wax – ~$16.75
  • Beall Buffing Compound Tripoli – ~$5.50
  • Beall Buffing Compound White Diamond – ~$5.75
  • Beall Buffing Compound Carnauba Wax = ~$6.75

Here’s what I purchased and what you see in my videos:

  • Beall Three Buff System – ~$94.50 (Inlcudes buffing compounds)
  • Hold Fast Long Buffing Adapter – ~$31.50
  • Beall 4″ Bowl Buff 3 Piece Set – ~$36.50

I purchased from Craft Supplies USA

Please be careful about a mandrel. Some are for a stand alone electric motor. A Morse taper mandrel requires tail stock support which limits motion. This is why I selected the Holdfast Long buffing adapter. It threads to my spindle and is secure without tailstock support.

Please wear a full face shield and dust mask.

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4 Responses to “Woodturning Tool Review: Beall Buffing System”

  1. EtzRon says:

    I was given a second grinder which I turned into a buffing grinder by making special mandrels: threaded ends on one end, and a threaded cone on the other. This is also very versatile as you can purchase the buffing wheels that jewelers use with a simple hole in the center. You then just twist what ever wheel you want onto the threaded cone. Since a grinder has two sides there is less switching of the wheels. Easy on and off.

    • Alan says:

      I’ve seen an adapter such as you describe to mount a buffing wheel to a lathe. But I’ve never found one commercially available.
      Could you send a picture of yours?
      Alan Stratton

  2. bob says:

    The same mandrel system is available from Penn Industries for significantly less.

    My previous system was the wheels on a drill. The problem is the fastener that extends from the shaft to secure the wheel. Extreme care is required to keep that metal fitting from touching the work.

    • Alan says:

      It pays to do some shopping. But my problem in general is comparing the specs to evaluate items.
      Thanks for your info.