Woodturning Tool Review: Buffing System Update

Buff Set Update

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After I reviewed my Beall buffing system, I received several great suggestions mainly to take it apart and mounts the buffing wheels directly to my lathe.
Since the triple buff system has some utility as is, I decided to keep it as is but purchase three new buff wheels to use on my lathe.

Each mount consists of:

  1. 3/8 inch by 2 inch bolt
  2. Lock washer
  3. 2″ diameter washer with 3/8 inch hole
  4. 3/4 inch wood spacer with 3/8 inch hole and about 1/4 inch thick. This helps the buffing wheel center on the bolt.
  5. Another 2″ diameter washer with 3/8 inch hole.
  6. 3/8 inch nut.

Also essential is a spindle extender sized to my spindle. The opposite end accepts the 3/8 inch bolt.

This with the bowl buffs is the system I should have purchased originally and NOT the triple buff system.

Original Review here.

Good turning.

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