Woodturning Stave Segmented Pen Blank Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament 2015 90This video may also be viewed via YouTube – But best viewed here.

This is another ornament for this year’s Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge The ornament’s body consists of eight ‘exotic tropical hardwood’ pen blanks cut in stave fashion with strips of padauk between each. Each pen blank was ripped at a 22.5 degree angle.
The ornament’s top and bottom are walnut. The ornament is finished with Myland’s Friction Polish.

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Prizes will be announced during December 2015.

Good turning.

2 Responses to “Woodturning Stave Segmented Pen Blank Christmas Ornament”

  1. Barry says:

    You are a real artist! Beautiful ornament! Thanks.

  2. […] video uses the third and last pieces of wood glued into a stave segmented block: The first was a traditional globe ornament; then a vase ornament; and now a drum […]