Christmas Ornament Vase Reminds Of Spirit Of Giving

May also be viewed via YouTube – but best right here.

Christmas Vase OrnamentThis Christmas vase is turned from mixed “tropical pen blanks”. I had glued up the pen blanks for an earlier project and had ample left over. Move than enough for this project.

Since the wood was already glued up, this was a simple project. I hollowed it, then added a top and a bottom to the vase.

It reminds me of the gifts given the the Christ Child.

Good turning.

Meanwhile, we’re starting the judging for the Christmas Ornament Challenge – What a tough job. :)

5 Responses to “Christmas Ornament Vase Reminds Of Spirit Of Giving”

  1. Jens Bingel says:

    Alan, love your weekly projects and appreciate all the thoughts and efforts in producing these videos.
    Well done, Jens

  2. Mick says:

    very nice

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