Woodturning A Natural Edge Necklace Pendant

Hazelnut Pendant

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I enjoyed the 2016 Utah Woodturning Symposium. I plan to soon turn my version of many projects and techniques I saw there. The inspiration for this one is Linda Ferber, who makes wood components to jewelry.

This pendant is hazelwood pruned from my back yard. I mounted it in my home made wood chuck jaws to turn a small button on its side. The wood was tilted to put the button on a different axis for more interest. After turning the button, I remounted the wood between centers. However, I also offset the turning axis toward the side with the button. As a result, as I turned a teardrop shape, the bark formed a natural edge border around the button. After finishing with shellac, I buffed this amazingly white wood and mounted a jump ring to connect it to a necklace.

It was a fun little project that I will do more with.

Good turning.

2 Responses to “Woodturning A Natural Edge Necklace Pendant”

  1. Karl Miller says:

    Nice little project, I am going out and look for limbs to see what I can make with them. I have turned a grape vine for a bolt action pine, but you have challenged me to try something else out of things that are plentiful.