Woodturning Jewelry With Infinite Axis Chuck

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Brooch Multi wood 4 axesIn this video, I adapt the egg chuck I demonstrated about a year ago. Instead of an egg, I turned a ball and socket tenon to fit the chuck. Then I used this new Infinite Axis chuck to turn a jewelry brooch or pin.

The pin is glued up from maple, walnut, honey locust, and padauk finished with friction polish. The brooch has three features requiring a skew axis.

Often in eccentric turning, the wood is shifted on a faceplate to cut in a feature. This is an example of a parallel axis. When the work is tilted so that the new axis is not parallel to the original turning axis or not perpendicular to the face of the project, this is a skew axis.

To adapt the egg chuck to become an infinite axis chuck, I turned a ball or sphere on the end of a piece of cedar. (Most any wood would do.) However, instead of forming the small end of an egg, I turned an extended tenon. This tenon must then fit thru a retaining ring and the threaded PVC fitting ring.

Follow this link to “Woodturn My Eggs Easy Over Please”

Follow this link to “Woodturn Simple Egg Chuck From PVC Fitting”

The retaining ring is HDPE, high density polyethylene, instead of wood due to the size of the center hole. The short grain of wood would crack and break with this small section. While turning the retaining ring a short tenon that fits the PVC ring serves as a mounting tenon to turn the reverse side of the plastic.

Good turning.

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  3. Joe says:

    where can I learn about the infinite access/egg chuck. this is the first I have seen it. will you give me a specific reference to last yr when you talked about it?