Woodturning Eccentric Twig Vase With Infinite Axis Chuck

Twig VaseMay also be viewed on YouTube and Vimeo – Best right here.

I’m still exploring different ways to use the Infinite Axis Chuck. In this video, I turn twig vase or bud vase from apple limb wood finished with a mix of beeswax and mineral oil.

In eccentric turnings, having tail stock pressure provides both security to the wood and can be used to define axis offsets. However, if the turning is small or at least the top of the turning is small, tail stock adjustment is limited or cannot be used at all. To counter these issues, I turned a large plug with a tenon or dowel on one side. In use, the dowel or tenon is inserted into the neck of the vase giving it a temporary and removable top. With a large top, tail stock adjustments can be used and pressure maintained.

I believe it necessary to work from the top or tail stock end down the spindle. Otherwise, the greater mass of wood is on the other side of very thin wood from the drive center leading to one cause of spindle failure. Another cause is tail stock pressure greater than the spindle can withstand. Excess pressure is a tougher problem to solve since some pressure is desireable.

Please check my previous videos on how to make the egg chuck and then how to adapt it to become an Infinite Axis Chuck.

Good turning.

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