DIY Hollow Form Tools From Old ‘Alan’ Wrenches

Hollowing ToolsMay also be viewed on YouTube and Vimeo — But best right here!

I’m planning to create a small hollow form for my local club’s current challenge. However, my current tools are large and would require a larger hole than I want to leave.

So, I’m grinding two old Allen wrenches to provide one straight scraper and one bent scraper.

Then I’m making a handle for each: one from fig; one from elm.

Next week, I’ll create the hollow form.

Good turning.

4 Responses to “DIY Hollow Form Tools From Old ‘Alan’ Wrenches”

  1. Lou Jacobs says:

    Thanks for this creative, and certainly economical solution to your lack of small tools. I’ve got plenty of various sized Allen wrenches, and am looking forward to giving my own version a shot. I’m eager to see you demonstrate using these home-grown tools. Thanks Alan!

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  3. Harold tinling says:

    Good video Thanks