Reclaim Shop Space & Storage With Above Garage Door Shelves

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Please plan on the 5th Annual Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge coming up in November.

With my new shop area, I need to get organized and stow away both shop and household items that are currently taking floor space. After researching above door commercial storage units, I decided to make the shelves myself from lumber.

Strength comes from:

  1. Mounting on the wall above the garage doors.
  2. Mounting on the side walls at each end.
  3. Posts from the attic about 9 feet on center.
  4. Torsion box effect from sheathing both top and bottom of the framing.

With the shelf there is about 20 inches of storage height – enough for most bins and boxes that would be light enough for me to lift on the shelf. The shelf is 32 inches deep and about 38 feet long. 220 volt electrical service runs to the center with 110 service to both ends.

Cost is about $250 including electric wiring.

One essential tool is my Paslode power nailer. It is cordless and hoseless running on a battery and a fuel cell.

BTW, with a project of this sort, there are no re-takes. No chance to re-shoot a segment. With space so tight and dark, photography and sound was very difficult.

Back to woodturning next week.

2 Responses to “Reclaim Shop Space & Storage With Above Garage Door Shelves”

  1. Bruce Johnson says:

    Alan, Thank-You for your garage storage video was very interesting and informative.
    Unfortunately for me, I do not have the clearance, I only have about 10-inches above my garage door.
    Question, how long do you think it will be before your “Boss” tells you she wants you to continue the storage shelves around the other three walls? ;->

    • Alan says:

      Yep, clearance was a determining factor.
      The only thing holding the boss back from the other 3 walls is that the other stuff is too heavy to lift that high. :)
      Alan Stratton