Simple Yet Fascinating Desk Toy: Magnetic Hourglass

Magnetic HourglassMay also be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and FaceBook. But best right here.

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I’ve always been fascinated by the flow of sand thru an hourglass. This hourglass raises the bar.

Instead of sand, it contains iron filings. In the base is a magnet. As the ‘sand’ flows, the magnetic field causes it to stack in different shapes. When weight and gravity builds up, the shape collapses into a more compact shape. New grains then build on that base. Fascinating.

I purchased my hourglass thru Amazon. When in Amazon, search for “Magnetic Hourglass”. There will be several alternatives. This one is “Zicome Hand-blown Glass Sand Timer Magnet Magnetic Hourglass with a Iron Base” There are others now that I did not see previously.

Yet, as a woodturner, I want it to show some wood. However, in this case, the wood is only a simple base.

The base is an example of urban forrestry. A friend’s neighbor cut it down and I was fortunate to get several pieces. Some was not large enough for a bowl. This I turned into a straight cylinder, coated it was green wood sealer, and left it to dry in my shop. It has now been just over 2 years, the wood is dry and can be used for spindle projects like this one. It is finished with Mylands friction polish.

Good turning.

2 Responses to “Simple Yet Fascinating Desk Toy: Magnetic Hourglass”

  1. Edward Zappen says:

    Hey Alan, I just discovered your website. Very nice and very generous of you to share your ideas. The videos are fun to watch. You explain well, you are articulate and seem to be a nice guy. I will look forward to browsing around the site.

    Every catch opens up an opportunity for a design change. (or another piece of firewood)